Insurance shopping can be quick and easy

Many people out there try to steer clear of insurance companies and stay away from insurance agents, why is that?

Many People Think It’s about Bundles of Paperwork

Let us be honest; many of us try to stay away from insurance because we think it is all about filling out long forms and going through painful, long procedures that we are better off staying away from. We don’t want to spare a few minutes of our time for something that could be really beneficial for us and our families.

Many People Think They Won’t Get the Jargon

Hands down, this is one of the most common reasons why people wish to stay away from insurance policies and agents. We feel that all the forms and policies are a blend of thick financial jargon that we won’t ever get and that puts us at a higher likelihood of being conned.

Many People Feel That Insurance Agents Are Conmen

C’mon, they dress too fine; their speech seems overly refined; and at times, they can get really pushy. This is another reason why most of us try to give a cold shoulder to all those insurance agent calls eventually pushing away the chances of securing a policy.

Truth Is The Completely Opposite

While many of us have our misconceptions that drive us away from insurance companies the truth is that in modern world, these misconceptions are just myths.

  • If you think you don’t have the energy to fill out the tedious forms and you can’t take care of the painstaking procedures, someone else can do it for- a broker.
  • If you feel that you will not be able to understand the jargon, well, you should know that insurance policies today have been simplified and are now quite easy to understand. Added to that, there are brokers who can break down the financial jargon so that you understand how you can benefit.
  • Just as there are bad eggs in every industry, there are conmen in the insurance industry too. However, you are only exposed to the risk of being conned when you don’t choose a reliable source to begin with your insurance policy search.

How Do We Make Insurance Shopping Quick And Easy?

At SOS Insurance, we are a group of proven professionals and we are the type of caring people you can depend on, this is why we have come up with innovative methods which you can use to make informed decisions with your insurance policies.

We Make It Easy With Our Live Agents

Our unique format includes an agent-interactive section where you can submit a request using our quick-quote form. Looking for more? The best part is that you can even chat with a ‘Live agent’ for all the assistance you might need. Once you are done, the agent will shop around among almost 50 of the top insurance companies that have policies, which suit your needs. Once you receive an email with the quote from us, you can simply fill out the application and we will start your policy! It is as simple as that. You can start here!

Instant quotes

Using our instant quotes feature, you can start comparing policies yourself. We believe this approach makes choosing the right policy quite easier. This way, you are also able to find policies that perfectly suit your budget. You can choose and compare up to 30 different companies that fall in your criteria.

At SOS Insurance, we consider it our responsibility to make sure that our clients make the best decisions when it comes to purchasing insurance policies and we are always ready to help you out! Just give us a call!