How do you benefit when you choose an insurance broker instead of an agent?

When you decide to purchase an insurance policy, you have two options: you can either choose an insurance agent who works for a particular insurance company, or you can go for an independent insurance broker. More than often, people find it more feasible to go for independent insurance brokers as they offer a variety of options and are often able to help clients secure comparatively cheaper premiums.

Here are a few ways you can benefit when you choose an insurance broker in California instead of an agent:

Insurance Brokers Don’t Work For The Company They Work For You!

The most critical benefit of choosing an insurance broker over an agent is that the broker is not tied to a specific company. They are independent individuals who have networks spread over different insurance companies; they use these networks to help you get the best deals. As insurance agents are company representatives, there are only a limited number of products they can offer.

Brokers Are More Likely To Be Experienced

As brokers work independently, they understand a wide range of insurance products and policies. This means they are more likely to get you the most suitable deal. They have a lot of experience helping clients deal with losses and this enables them to guide you through stressful claim procedures and filing. Added to that, every insurance broker is bonded, meaning you are always protected in the event of misconduct.

Brokers Protect Your Privacy

According to the code of ethics of insurance brokers, they are required to keep your information confidential and protected at all times. However, with insurance agents, the case might be different as they need to keep their companies updated with all your information; there’s always the risk that some other insurance agent could gain access to it.

Apart from all these benefits, brokers are required to disclose their commission rates and the effect it would have on your premiums. The commission is typically included in your premium and your broker will provide you with a statement for how much of your premium goes towards the broker’s commission. If you are looking for the best insurance brokers in California, be sure to visit our website to get a quote today! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!