Auto accidents – What you should do immediately afterwards!

Car accidents are probably one of the most troublesome situations where there is an immediate rush of a million questions through your head: should I get out of the car? How bad am I hurt? Should I call 911? Is it ok to drive home?

Although these questions are natural for anyone to instantly think about after an accident, you should however be sure about what you should do. Here are the critical things to do immediately after an auto accident:

But First, You Need To Be Prepared

Doesn’t matter how careful you are or how often you use the turns signal or even if you typically drive slow, accidents happen. The best to make what follows less painful be sure that you have all the necessary documents and paperwork in your car. Ensure that all your registration and insurance papers are on hand; above all, be sure you have the right insurance.

Check Your Condition

Immediately after a car accident, inspect yourself for injuries. More than often, in the heat of the moment, we tend to forget that we have sustained injuries. The shock of the accident might delay the symptoms. If there are passengers in the back, ask them if they are okay. Don’t hesitate to call 911 if anyone seems unsure how he/she is feeling.

Move To A Safe Place

Consider moving to the sidewalk as soon as possible after an accident. If the damage is minor, consider moving the vehicle to the side too. However, if you or anyone among the passengers has sustained an injury, leave the car where it is; even if it is blocking traffic. You might also want to leave the car in the same place and condition so as to answer questions like who is at fault. As you wait for the police, be sure to warn the oncoming drivers about the blockage and stay on the side.

Call the Police and Your Insurance Agent

It is critical to get a report on record even if the damage is minor; therefore, consider calling the police. Next, call your insurance agent while you are on the scene of the accident so that you have all the information the insurance agent needs to process the claim. Some insurance providers also offer services like free towing from the scene.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

As soon as you are done with all the things mentioned above, exchange all contact information with the other driver. Note down the name, address, license plate number, location of accident, and anything else that comes to mind.

Car accidents can be disastrous; it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are looking for affordable auto insurance in California, be sure to contact us at SOS Insurance!