Tips to practice for inexpensive motorcycle insurance

Back in 2011, there were about 8.4 millions motorcycles on the US roads, and more than 80,000 motorcycle riders sustained injuries. However, those numbers have grown over the years. With statistics like these, it is clear why you need to have motorcycle insurance. Luckily, motorcycle insurance doesn’t really need to cost you a leg or an arm; you can practice a few things to make sure that you get the cheapest but the most effective motorcycle insurance.

Get Training

You may be able to secure a discount at your motorcycle insurance by completing certain courses that can help you become a better rider. These courses are a great choice for bikers who are new to riding or those who have faced motorcycle accidents in the past.

Maintain Clean Records

Motorcycle riders who have clean records are also called preferred operators. Having a clean driving record means having none to very few accidents, violations or tickets. However, the definition of a clean record may vary from insurance company to company. Be sure about what is on your record and remember to disclose everything to your insurance broker.

Customize Your Coverage

Having motorcycle insurance is not just about buying one, it should reflect the ways you use your motorcycle. For example, if you take your bike out only on sunny Sundays, the insurance could be much cheaper than you expect compared to someone who has a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation. Explaining your riding habits to your insurance broker can help you secure the right coverage.

Ask If There Are Any Age-Based Discounts

There are many insurance companies out there that offer a lower rate for adult riders, especially if they have a clean record. Some discounts might kick in if the rider is young aged while you might not be able to get others until you are middle aged.

Choose the Right Bike

Some motorcycles are considered riskier compared to others. If you have a super sports bike, you might encounter higher rates compared to a cruising bike. Unless you have always wanted a riskier model, go for a bike that insurance providers favor.

Choose The Best Motorcycle Insurance Company

When purchasing motorcycle insurance, you need to keep your options open. When you choose SOS Insurance, you are connected to various brokers who have connections with different insurance companies. This can help you secure the cheapest and the most affordable motorcycle insurance deal on the market. Contact us for more information!